Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving, Ami Snowgirl and Ultrasound

Two days ago was our 19 week ultrasound...and it's a boy!! It was so cool to see the heart pumping, the spine, the fingers...everything. We're going to make copies and send pictures to everyone in Christmas cards, but I also took a picture of the ultrasound picture to email to people :)

It's a little fuzzy, but pretty good I think for being a picture of a picture.


Good thing I never gave away that starghan I made!

After the ultrasound we went out to lunch/early dinner with my parents at Red Robin, and they gave us a little bib and some cute socks that have a picture of a puppy on them....and it looks like our dog Misty :). We went into the WalMart right across the street after Red Robins, and I bought us an artificial Christmas tree! It was between the 4 foot prelit tree for $25, or the skinny6 foot tree for $20. I ended up going with the 6 footer because it really didn't look that big,I think it's a perfect size. I'll probably set it up on Monday, and that will still give me plenty of time to see if I need more ornaments or anything. For the garland, I'm going to crochet a long skinny scarf and just wrap that around.

Craig and I were planning on just spending Thanksgiving together, and then going to my parents house on Sunday for another Thanksgiving. Craig said he'd make a turkey on Thursday, I'm making the super easy sweet potato's (mmm my favorite), Stove Top Cranberry stuffing with added orange zest, and a pumpkin cheesecake. I'm at least going to *attempt* a pumpkin cheesecake, since I bought the premade cheesecake filling and I'm not sure if I can just mix the pumpkin straight in or what.

Now Craig is saying there is a *slight* chance we might still be able to go to his family's house down in L.A., if he can finish all of his clients today then his work said he could have Friday and Saturday off. BUT one client is being stubborn and only wants services on Saturday, so we'll see if he was able to do it today.

I finally finished my snowboarder girl! I ended up giving a bonus sled pattern, since the first snowboard I made was a bit to big, and Craig said it looked like a sled. Ahaha good idea :)
I'll have the pattern up for sale today as soon as I find our copy of Adobe PDF maker, there is a lot of instructional pictures in the pattern, so to PDF is to big for all the free PDF makers that I've seen.



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LOL Lynelle (the hooker from the movie Borat) is on the radio this morning and she's hilarious.

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