Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Swap Package and Knitpicks Order

We FINALLY got the car registration all set, and got our shiny new blue sticker! After being at the DMV for an hour (which actually is not bad) I came home to TWO packages on my doorstep.

First was my Christmas Ornament swap package from Craftster! ehinders made me a really cool box with some gorgeous ribbon on the side, a red ornament that is embellished with winter themes and sayings, and a reindeer pez dispenser!

I also received my yarn from Knitpicks! It is exactly the color I had hoped for, so I'm glad it all worked out.


Hopefully I can start on the bolero today, but I have a few more things to finish up for the Mini Christmas swap...I really want to be done with that before I start ANY new project, including Christmas presents. I have most of my "To Do List" for Christmas already, and I do have most of the supplies already.

I also put up the Snowboarder girl pattern for sale on Etsy and Ravelry :)

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