Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spiderman Beanie and Cupcake Beret

Finally things are calming down a bit! Ethan is amazing, even if he doesn't like to sleep! I actually have to face him away from the TV or he will just sit and watch it...he's only 11 weeks old, I dont want him to have a mushy brain already haha. I haven't been able to crochet much, in fact I have a few unfinished patterns because it's been a little crazy. I've also been doing some working out...again when Ethan lets me put him down heh, to try and lose the baby weight, I'm already down 36lbs! I gained around 50 lbs though....even though I was trying to be careful.

I have sold a few Ninja Turtle beanies and cupcake beret's, so that's been taking up my crochet time when I have a moment!

Here is an example of a cupcake beret I made:

I really really want to finish some World of Warcraft themed stuff since I'm going to Blizzcon in August. I'm thinking a Murloc beanie, quest (! and ? symbols) on beanies or skinny scarves, and maybe a 2D hearthstone that can be used for keychains/pendants.

Hopefully I'll be crafting more in the next couple months so I can update this more :)

Oh! Here is a Spiderman beanie in action on Ethan..