Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chicken Makhani

I just wanted to make a quick post to say that *everyone* needs to try this Slow-Cooker Chicken Makhani recipe! It's amaaaazing. We had it for dinner last night over brown rice.

I did do a few things differently. I started with all the wet ingredients in the crock pot, and added about half a cup heavy cream. Then I added all the spices in the wet ingredients so I could just mix the chicken in.

I also added a *lot* more garam marsala, cayenne, and curry powder. I didn't have any cardamom though, so I added a tsp cinnamon....and added in about a tsp salt.

It was so good already, that I just skipped adding the yogurt (even though I bought yogurt especially for it!) It was super flavorful and creamy, and was definitely not meant to be a healthy meal! But brown rice is healthy, right?

So glad we have left overs :)

I'm also going to do a test run on some truffles for the baby shower, and hopefully finish up my shrug pattern today.


My Dear Darling said...

Mmm, it sounds/looks super delish!

Anonymous said...

Even though I am a vegetarian, it does sound very yummy! Your layout for this blog is very cute. ^^

beachbunnydesigns said...

Thank you! My layout is actually from

She has some amazing designs :)