Monday, December 22, 2008

Wine Embroidery, Ninja Turtle Beanies and More!

I was planning on visiting my parents today to drop off Christmas gifts and go to the mall to try and find pants that fit for Craig's grandparents house heh....but I still was not *quite* done with all the gifts I needed to drop off. So today I'm finishing the last 2 gifts and baking, and tomorrow I'll go to San Jose.

I embroidered this little picture for 1 set of grandparents, and I got the image from Urban Threads.
This is before I ironed it obviously lol. I'm also doing another picture for the other set of grandparents that I need to finish up today.

If it's kind of hard to see, it says "I love cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food."



I also made some Ninja Turtle beanies for some friends...which I hope they don't read this blog haha. The only thing I wish I did differently was to cinch the middle between the eyes, I couldn't decide on which way I liked better...and now that I mailed them I wish I cinched it.


Craig and I got way spoiled by our friends in Alaska....look what they sent us!

Top left to right:

- Blue Alaska princess shirt for me, which my belly is to big for at the moment haha, but it will be great after
the baby!
- Chocolate Moose slipper socks for me which I loooooooove.
- A remember Alaska Once in a Blue Moose tote for baby stuff.
- 3 CDs for Craig from 36CrazyFists.
- Alaskin Yoga t-shirt haha it's awesome.
- A cookbook for the Ulu they sent us.
- 2 is a polar bear skull and crossbones :), the other says "Alaska Grown"
- A really pretty and soft shawl for me, which is currently on the back of my chair in case I need it.
- An "Alaska Grown" shirt for Craig that matches the babies.
- An Ulu. It's a type of cutting tool that is popular over there...I'm glad for it because our knives suck, I had to keep asking Craig to help me cut the sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner.


My parents also gave us our Christmas present early...a mixer! Yay! Baking will be MUCH easier now!


sunnie fairy said...

Oh, I live the ninja turtle hats! Those are so cool.

beachbunnydesigns said...

Thanks! I just hope they fit ok!

tisme said...

I also love those ninja turtle hat. My son is 23, but loved the turtles when he was little. Could you tell me where you got the pattern. I would make him a few of those. lol
Thanks Tammy