Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Tree

I FINALLY have the tree up! I actually set it up on Monday, but then I though "Hey! I'll crochet a long scarf to act like garland! That would be cool!"


Never. Again.

It actually wasn't to bad, I just did rows of double crochet with a single crochet border, but I never thought it would take me 3 days of crocheting for HOURS each day. The tree doesn't seem that big, it's 6 foot...but it's a skinny tree. The one thing that sucks about it is that I must of done the color changes pretty evenly, because half the tree is red/green and the other half is pink/blue lol.

The bulb ornaments are from a little craft store that had tubes of them for $4 each, so one tube was red/gold/green and the other was blues/purple/silver. The rest of the ornaments are mixtures of WalMart and Dollar Tree. If I have time between all the present making, I'm going to crochet a few more ornaments for it.

I think the tree topper is kinda ugly though, but they didn't have much of a selection at WalMart.

I do need a tree skirt though, I've been thinking of just going to Joann's and getting some red velvet and some white fun fur and just making a big circle with the red velvet and gluing white fun fur as trim since my sewing machine isn't working.

Here are a couple of bad was hard to take them since it's sunset and my huge sliding glass door is kinda south west. Tomorrow I'll try for better ones in the morning.


I put my little sled girl on the tree too :)


This picture makes it look a little bare, I have no idea's plenty full :)



The other day I sold my first pattern! Woohoo! I feel bad, I was supposed to go to the grocery store today to get some little items and go deposit Craig's paychecks....but my back is still kinda sore and I feel just weak today. I hope he wont mind to much when he gets home :P

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