Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Gifts and Baking

Today I'm going to my grandparents house, but I wanted to share a few pictures first. I've finished*most* of my Christmas gifts, and here are a couple of pictures that I know the recipients wont see first :)

2 "One Skein Scarves" from the book The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller. These are super easy and really cute, so I made them for Craig's 2 cousins. I also might make one for Shellie, depending on if we do anything for her birthday. The green picture here was taken at night so the color is a bit off, but it's a nice Olive green. Both were made using Caron's Simply Soft Eco yarn.



I also attempted freehand embroidery on a onesie that I'm going to give to Craig, it just says "Punk", but I made the U into a smiley because it was so huge lol. It's not the best looking, but eh I'm sure the baby wont mind :)


I also spent yesterday baking, and I think I might make 1 more thing, depending on if I finish my crochet projects.

Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies. While I really really love the flavor of these, I do wish it was more of a chewy cookie recipe instead of cake-like. Next time I will try adding banana to a chewy recipe :)


Beinjinho de Coco aka "Little Coconut Kiss". I was actually surprised how chewy these were, they are definitely more of a chewy candy then a cookie like I thought they would be. Craig said "Grats babe, you invented a new gum!" LOL. They aren't that chewy, but I think he wasn't expecting chewy either.These don't get a fancy plate because my dishwasher is the size of a toddler, so paper it is :)

This recipe is pretty much the one I used, except I omitted the cloves and rolled them in a mixture of powdered/granule sugar and coconut flakes.They have a slight natural coconut flavor, and they are really neat. I think they would be better as like a gift for a little kid, dyed all crazy colors.


I didn't get a picture of all my baking since I wanted to put it in tins asap, but I also made Martha Stewart Pecan Squares and omigosh they are so good! Superediculoustupid (can you read that? lol) fattening, but oh so good.

Chocolate Cream Cheese Truffles mmmm these are my favorite of everything I made. So good, so chocolaty and tangy....and cheap to make! They are a bit soft, but I'll just tell them to keep them in the fridge or something. I wont post her image here, because I love her site so I don't want to take her bandwidth.


Amoena said...

That white scarf is really sweet!!

I'm really bad at freehand embroidery, so usually I draw first what I want to embroider by pencil and then just follow the lines really really really carefully. And it probably still turns out awful. So I think your "punk" actually looks pretty good.

Those pecan squares look yummy, but I hate to translate recipes to Finnish ingrediments. They differ so much. And how on earth you're supposed to measure butter with a teaspoon? :D And what kind of a measurement is cup? Is that like one decilitre?

beachbunnydesigns said...

Thanks! :D

I actually tried to write the word "Punk" out on the onesie, but the material is so thin/stretchy that it just woulden't write :(

Actually the butter comes in a bar wrapped in paper with measurements on it, so you can just cut whatever amount you much easier then with a spoon, I've tried it lol.

Yup the cup is just a glass cup with measurements on the side, here is a picture: