Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mini Holiday Swap

Since my partner received her package for the Mini Holiday Swap, so I can post the pictures!Two of the things she said she loved are Nightmare Before Christmas, retro/ I tried to craft using that theme. I crochet a black scarf and attached a felt cherry applique that I made, crochet a Jack Skellington ornament, and that white tree from a few posts down. I also sent her some Christmas Hello Kitty stickers and a Rudolph pez dispenser.



I had my second doctor appointment yesterday, and I've only gained about 10lbs so far,and I'm like 20/21 weeks...which surprised me since I feel like I've gained a lot more then that! I do have to go for another ultrasound since they weren't able to get an accurate picture of all the chambers in the heart...but that's ok with me because that means I get to see the baby again :)

I've finished all of my Christmas shopping (although I forgot Craig's Uncle, oops!) and I've just got something like less then 10 projects to finish and I'll be done lol. They are quick projects though. If I have time I also might make some ornaments for everyone. We'll see!


sunnie fairy said...

Oh, I love the scarf! :] The recipient is very lucky.

beachbunnydesigns said...

Thanks! They are the easiest scarves to make in the whole I tend to make them for everyone lol :)