Friday, September 11, 2009

Catching Up

Whew it's big a big crochet month. I *finally* finished all 12 Etsy orders a few days ago, and now I'm working on my sister in law's order of 5 beanies. I also have at least 3 more from 1 Etsy order...and she might add to that order. The beanies really don't take that long to make, it's just difficult to be able to crochet with a 5 month old who wants to be entertained by me all day :) I will probably end up going to my parents house on Saturday so they can babysit, and I can crochet and do laundry all day.

Craig got a promotion! The only problem is that promotion is like 2 hours away, which really isn't bad...but it's still far. At least it's way cheaper to live their, an apartment like ours here costs about $400 less!

Well Ethan is waking up now, but I'll post a few pictures of him in a Ninja Turtle beanie later :)